Hey, I’m Jiyn, a Latinx artist based in Texas. I’ve been arting since the last millennium. Like most artists, my life in art began as just a kid with a crayon but my art career started as a 12 ounce criminal, better known as one of those street artists. I was a teenage rebel that got busted bringing life to the mundane. I was given a choice: stick with my villainous ways and go nowhere or harness my skills for good. I chose the path of benevolence. I honed my artistic skills in illustration, concept, and storytelling in the film and game industries over the past 12 years. Then in 2012, I ventured out as an independent artist under the name Mr Jiyn. I know what you’re thinking. Ooh sooOo mysterious. Who is this guy? I’m Jiyn, aka Luis Martinez, along with 867 others born the same year as me. I’m not even kidding. There was even one place I worked that referred to me as four of five. As cool as my innerwho am I kidding… outer Trekkie thought this was, I needed to be easier to find. So I fell back on my 12 ounce roots and gave myself a fitting pseudonym.

In my free time… what’s that?, I’m kidding. It only feels that way because I’m arting all the time. As for me, I think everyone needs a way to recharge their creative tanks and should totally build that into their day. To keep in peak arting form, most days you’ll find me practicing kung fu. But when Mama Nature isn’t trying to kill me, I spend my time mountain biking, hiking, or paddle boarding.