Mr Jiyn himself

At an early job, Mr. Jiyn was nicknamed — Luis, four of five. While his inner Trekkie loved the nickname, he acknowledged the need to stand out from the other 867 babies born Luis Martinez in the United States.The result is a pseudonym, Mr. Jiyn.

Jiyn discovered video games at age four. His early favorites were “Duck Hunt,” “Zelda,” and “Final Fantasy.” Jiyn discovered a passion for art at age eight. He reproduced a comic strip going through two pencils to keep the points sharp.

By the time he was in college, Jiyn had blended his passion for art with his love affair for gaming. Now a character artist, Jiyn spices up his artful blend with high/low poly modeling, texture painting, UV mapping, and digital illustration. Jiyn uses a number of mediums to create his works varying from 3ds Max and ZBrush to napkins and crayons.

Jiyn’s adaptable skill set comes from the knowledge of multiple disciplines. He values learning a variety of things because he takes inspiration from everything he sees. Jiyn believes an artist is someone who sees the world for all its beauty and interprets the beauty for others to see. A twisted branch on the side of a path becomes a wizard’s staff or an old hermit’s walking stick. A coffee stain becomes a pool deep in a cavern. A fallen leaf becomes the leather for a worn backpack holding precious possessions. As a character artist, Jiyn creates complete characters, in every form possible.

Jiyn says, “Everything that you do with a passion and strive to improve upon, can be considered art.” Jiyn hopes his art impacts people through the memory of how they felt in a moment or by making their day better.

Just a kid with a crayon.