Behind the scenes

How he’s made

Every Rupert starts with me scrambling to find my phone at 3am. I keep all the good notes in a digital sticky note app. Once I decipher what I wrote down during my drowsy dictation I start posing my action figure of Rupert. When he decides which pose he likes best, I draw him out in my sketchbook. My whole plan was to keep my my analog skills but there is still a digital element to him as well. When the drawing is finalized I will snap a photo and enlarge him. This way if I make any mistakes or marks I don’t like I won’t lose the whole scene and need to start from scratch. I really enjoy Sumi ink for his ink wash. I’ve found nothing that dries so smoothly. I add my pop of color and photograph him again to add in the font. Big shout out to Blambot for making that lovely font, Smells like Tacos!

It’s called an action figure!

Sitting at home telling my wife about the most recent adventures of Rupert. My phone was listening, everything is listening. /dons foil hat

The next day I was scrolling through anti social media and there it was, a sign from The Universe and eavesdropping electronics… Build a Raptor action figure set from Creative Beast Studios! I had to have it. I prepped my presentation on why I needed to own this. Before I finished my first the sentence on my perfectly crafted presentation my wife took a sip of her coffee and then said “Done! It’ll be here Tuesday. I expect all the Rupert comics to be dedicated to me.”

Early Versions

Early Rupert was about me still fighting the feathers. I believe in science but damnit nobody wants to draw that many feathers. After thumbnailing out some ideas, I decided feathers were a must.

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